Lucas Legnani – Bowling is Life.

Although they are not very popular, there are thousands of bowlers worldwide that can say they live from bowling. Some might even say that bowling is a way of life, and it is one indeed. We had the privilege to speak with simply one of the best Argentinian bowlers of all time, Lucas Legnani. From Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lucas Legnani is 38 years old and has been a bowler since 1983. He has been a bowling coach since 2000. To his resume he adds eighteen (300) games, and fifteen (800) series. He has 3 South American titles, 1 Panamerican Games Medal in Rio 2007, and 1 Major European Bowling Tour Title. To his latest achievements, Lucas finished second place at the San Marino Open in July this year.

We asked Lucas a few questions about the sport, this is what he said:

What motivates you to go bowling every day?

A: “I am not a big athlete, yet I always train a lot before going to competitions. Unfortunately, I don’t keep up with practice very often. Nowadays, if you want to become a great bowler you have to train much harder than 20 years ago.”

What is bowling and what does it mean for you?

A: “This sport is a big part of my life. Almost everything I do is based on this sport. I own a Bowling alley and a Pro Shop. I still bowl, and I have a lot of students from which I still breath bowling from the moment I wake up until I go back to sleep.”

What do you do after a bad day on the lanes and how do you recover from it?

A: “At this point in my life, a bad day on the lanes is just as usual as a good day. We can’t stay stuck in one or the other. If we carry any of those days with us we wouldn’t be living in the present and we would lose focus. In every single activity we do, we tend to have bad and good moments, and that’s why I leave behind those bad days on the lanes.”


Lucas Legnani at South Africa 2011.

– He also added, “I never felt the need to retire from bowling. Ever since I started bowling professionally, I learned that there would be good and bad days. Whenever my game felt down badly I would take a deep breath, take a break, and keep on working hard. I don’t think it to be wise to overload in anything we do, not even the sport that we love. There is time for work, relax, and enjoy other things in life.”

Why do you think that bowling is a sport?

A: “I strongly believe that bowling is a sport because of the high level of athleticism and the difficulty of it. I do also believe that it is a beautiful sport to practice for amateurs, and I don’t feel the need to make them believe that bowling is truly a sport because I know they don’t see it that way.”

Should bowling be in the Olympics? Why?

A: “Yes, of course. Personally, I believe that we are a great sport and that we deserve to be in the Olympic Games, but I also recognize that monotony is boring. Therefore, if our sport is boring for the general public and doesn’t sell nor is televised, it would be truly difficult to be included in the biggest sporting event there is. We are one of the most ancient, practiced, and difficult sports, and again, it is beautiful. Additionally, it has become more demanding at a physical level.”

What do you love about bowling?

A: “I love everything about it. I love teaching, learning, living, working, and breathing bowling. As I mentioned before, it is a big part of my life.”

Do you think there is any specific reason why bowling is not in the Olympics yet?

A: “Yes. The reason is that, from the entertainment point of view, we don’t sell nor we are attractive.”

As part of our Olympic Quest we asked Lucas his thoughts on the movement. “I think this is a company that will grow for us and for the people who wishes to see bowling at the Olympics. Someday we will have our chance and for that I really thank Olympic Bowling Official for the big effort to begin this quest.” He said.

We want to know your thoughts too, what would you say to Lucas Legnani? What would you answer to the questions we asked him? Let us know in the comments!

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Olympic Bowling Official – The Movement.

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