Marshall Kent – Always Improving

 3 times PBA tour titlist and 2014 Harry Golden Rookie of the Year, Marshall Kent is simply one of the best examples of athleticism, hard work ethic, and dedication for the up and coming youth bowlers worldwide. From Yakima, Washington, the 25 year old has been bowling ever since he could push a bowling ball down a lane. In our aspiration to grow our movement, we wanted to learn more about this great athlete and what it takes to be an elite bowler nowadays. “The need to win motivates me to go bowl. I want to be the best of the best, and in order to do that I need to put in the work and time not only on the lanes, but in the gym as well.” He said. Although bowling is a competition, there is more to it for Marshall. “My entire life revolves around bowling. The competition drives me to become better and better every day, but the friendships and memories are the greatest that I could ask for. It’s more than just a sport, it is a family.” He stated. Additionally, he said that he loves how no matter how good/great you are at it, there is ALWAYS something to improve on or learn. Whether it’s physical changes, or with the mental game, there is always room for improvement somewhere.

Marshal Kent Bowling at the Summer Swing

When it comes to looking at bowling as a sport, not many people think of it that way. On the other hand, Kent said “It is competitive, mentally, and physically exhausting. Long days on the lanes take a toll on the body. For non-bowlers that think otherwise, I challenge them to do what we do at the professional level.” In any sports there will always be ups and down on a professional athlete’s career, so how does Marshall overcome those days? “Going to the gym is my outlet after a bad day of bowling. It helps get rid of the frustration, then I can think clearly about how to improve afterwards.” He said. Outside bowling, he added that he loves the outdoors. I go fishing, hunting, hiking, and snowboarding when he is off the lanes.

Marshall Kent winner at PBA Oklahoma Open

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Should Bowling be in the Olympic Games? We asked him. “Absolutely.” He said.  “It is the biggest participation sport in the world, and it is just as competitive as any other sport out there. I firmly believe bowling belongs in the Olympics.” He added. He also said, “I’m not sure why it is not an Olympic sport yet, but hopefully one day it will be. It might not happen for my generation, but I want it to be there at some point in my lifetime.”

Marshall also believes that Bowling will at some point join the Olympics, because bowling belongs in the Olympics just as much as any other sport out there. “I support any effort to try to make bowling an Olympic sport.” He added. Thank you Marshall Kent!

We want to know your thoughts. What would you ask to Marshall Kent? Let us know in the comments!

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Olympic Bowling Official – The Movement.

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