Olympic Bowling Official

The Movement

Olympic Bowling Official – The Movement

Olympic Bowling  is a movement to promote the inclusion of bowling into the Olympic Games. “The Movement,” as we call it, is to create global awareness so that bowling is finally recognized for what it truly is, a sport. Olympic Bowling aims to promote the sport of bowling through its own trademark as all bowlers in the world join together as ONE to finally achieve this dream. Bowling as we know it has been evolving and nowadays has become more popular than ever. Currently, we are over 10 million competitors, 100 million participants, and thousands of professionals who make a living from bowling.

Our Mission:

Like you, we certainly believe that bowling will become an Olympic Sport. We know that our sport doesn’t have the recognition it deserves. That’s why we created Olympic Bowling Official. Our duty is to help the sport of bowling to grow in all positive aspects. We believe that with hard work, passion, and dedication everything is possible. Just like in bowling, we need to practice hard and compete with passion and dedication.
There are organizations like World Bowling that have been working hard to achieve this goal for several years, unfortunately we are not quite there yet. On the other hand, we aim to become the bowler’s voice, we hope to become your voice, and for that we need your help. Let’s grow together, let’s dream together, and let’s win the gold together.


As you may know, creating an organization takes plenty of sacrifice, hardwork, time, and team effort. Therefore, we need all the support possible. To take bowling to the olympics will be a task that requires the effort of every single one of us who would love to make this dream come true. We really appreciate your support! Thank you!


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Olympic Bowling Official “The Movement”

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